Sumeet Shettigar & Lalita Shetty

Praise the lord.
Greetings to you and the KSM team in Jesus name.
Apologies for late reply.
In one word if I want to describe me & my husband's experience on JODIE, AMAZING!
It has been years since we both were praying for a better life partner, of course in our own lives, but we didn't get the results.
As it is known that a Christian life is all about waiting upon GOD with faith, that's what we both did.
JODIE helped us to get to know about each other in a very very secure way with God's presence.
Our details were kept private & our accounts were secure.
We felt very secure when searching for a partner in the JODIE app.
Just because of KSM & Pastor Michael prayers this app has been helpful & supportive to many people like us.
We have encouraged other singles to give a chance to JODIE app for their life.
We hope & always pray that how GOD has helped us in finding a right partner, this JODIE app may help other confused & undirected singles too.
We are very very thankful to pastor Michael & KSM team for preparing this platform where people like us can approach marriage in God's presence.
We pray for Pastor that he would be used more and more in God's kingdom & may he be full of Joy, happiness & continue to be a blessing for Lakhs & Crore of people.

Let Jesus Name Be Exalted

Updated: 3 months ago

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